Intelligent, Convenient, and 
Affordable Lighting at Your Fingertips!

LumiFi brings your lights to life. We incorporate smart LED wireless bulb technology and the expertise of professional award-winning lighting designers, to offer composed, customizable lighting moods in your home or office. Our easy-to-use smartphone application allows you to enjoy professionally composed lighting environments at the simple touch of a button.

LumiFi's Key Features:

• Four preconfigured lighting moods - with more available.

• Each mood can be easily personalized.

• A simple, quick and fun setup process.

Multi-bridge functionality (soon)


• Works with several leading WiFi bulb manufacturers.

• Designed for ease of use and everyday needs.

• Visual settings that are specific to your rooms and fixtures.


The LumiFi Experience

Take Control of Your Atmosphere and Mood
Enhance your space with mood lighting: Feel energized, relaxed or romantic? We have a composed lighting setting for every unique mood. Download LumiFi and take charge of your experience in any environment.

'Lightmospheres' - Enhanced  Quality of Light Scenes
With our professionally designed lighting moods and proprietary configuration process, our lighting experiences are informed and specific to your home. You can enjoy an atmosphere with a touch on your smartphone.

Save On Setup Time! - Take the Guesswork out
Our proprietary and automated light scene configuration process allows for a simple setup -  no extra expertise needed. It's an easy, intuitive setup for creating informed and space specific light scenes.

Personalize It
Want to add your personal touch? Be our guest - simply adjust our preconfigured lighting scenes to create personal settings. We make high-end lighting technology simple and bring it to your fingertips.

Every Lamp Is Different
Unlike any other software, LumiFi distinguishes different lamp, location, fixtures and illumination types. Our software incorporates characteristics of your home making the setup specific to your situation.

Why LumiFi?
Our team of award-winning lighting designers, architects, designers and programmers have unparalleled expertise, experience and a proven track record to improve your lighting experience.

How Are We Different?

•    It's so easy, anybody can do it; no complicated setup or configuration process. 
•    Our Interface is designed to offer you designed lighting scenes for everyday use.
•    We go beyond of offering you just a tool to create and configure them by yourself: We offer content.
•    We designed a superior experience informed by award-winning lighting specialists and architects.
•    We integrated multiple hardware into one interface.
•    Our pre-composed lighting moods are informed by location and light fixture specific information.
•    We offer a higher quality of specific lighting experiences and not merely a tool to control your WiFi lights.