How To Specify or Purchase a LumiFi System

As every project has unique requirements and needs, we prepared a simple RFP form for you. Please start by filling out the form so we can prepare a customized project proposal for you. In your project request please also include how many lights you want to control and what features, functionalities and interfaces you like.


Web-Management Platform with Mobile Apps

1. Select Your SOFTWARE Package

LumiFi charges a software license fee by light (or individually addressable control unit) and by complexity of the feature selection. We divided our offering in different product packages to simplify the selection process. Custom packages can be tailored to a project and white-labeling be offered to a client or manufacturer. 

LumiFi offers the software license either as a 'One-Time Upfront Fee' with a fixed version or a monthly 'SAAS approach'.

Wireless-enabled Lighting Hardware

2. Select your wireless-enabled LIGHTING HARDWARE

Please identify what kind of lighting hardware your project requires and select out of the supported wireless lighting hardware. We are working with a range of manufacturers that we integrated into LumiFi's open platform. If you need help in specifying the supported lighting, please contact us.

For LumiFi PRO as well as Xicato GalaXi and Ketra integrations, you will also need a local-onsite LumiFi Controller. The exact quantity will depend on your space and lighting layout.

3. REGISTER your project with LUMIFI

Simply contact us with your project info. We will need to know how many lights and your desired features to prepare you a quote. Once the project is ordered we will set it up in our platform and sent you the log-in credentials.

Once the project is setup you will need to commission the installed wireless-enabled lighting hardware. You can ask us to recommend an IT-Integrator. In addition, we also offer a range of tools to allow you to commission the lights yourself. For pilots and selected projects we will directly assist you with the setup.