How Do You Feel Today?

The art of creating informed and meaningful lighting scenes requires sense and sensibility and allows for orchestrating different lights into one composition and creating an atmosphere. If lighting is right, you won't see it, but just feel it. The intangible value of good lighting is about creating an emotional connection and setting moods and ambiances that can transform the look and feel of any space. It requires the use of art and science along with years of training in scientific, psychological, technical, architectural and cultural fields. A layperson should not have to become a lighting expert in order to enhance their space nor should they go through a tedious time-consuming setup process--LumiFi’s award-winning lighting experts have done all the work. LumiFi offers pre-composed and curated lighting moods at your fingertips. Just choose the mood you are in and let the magic simply happen around you-- enhancing your life and the quality of your space.

Feeling SEXY? Looking to RELAX? Need to FOCUS?

LumiFi goes beyond the utility of a remote control for a light switch or simply grouping all fixtures together into one color or more randomly selected colors.  LumiFi differentiates the type of lighting, its location as well as other factors. LumiFi offers an informed and patented process that curates and composes all individual fixtures into one expertly designed emotional experience that is specifically created for the users own environment. The experience becomes more immersive as more lighting is incorporated.

The 3 Evolution Steps of Lighting


Our Standard Moods


Sunlight is the most powerful energetic force, and our ENERGIZE mood uses the power of the sun to create the perfect environment for work, energy, and function. Years of science have defined the most productive times of the day for our body, and ENERGIZE brings the crisp tones of the early morning sun, the luminescence of noontime brightness overhead, and peripheral undertones of an afternoon sunbeam all together to wake the senses for you to feel energized. ENERGIZE is a fully bright mood with even illumination throughout your space for everyday use.


Hints of warm white with undertones of indirect amber bring the science of relaxation to your home. RELAX, inspired by the colors of warm white candlelight indoors and an amber sunset on the beach outdoors, immerses you in a progressive restorative environment. Flat, direct light balance your mood while the soft ambience of indirect light helps your mind and body unwind. RELAX is a mostly dim lighting mood, focusing on more indirect and ambient lighting and just a bit of contrast for your evening. 


When it’s time to block out all distractions and FOCUS, science tells us to keep a cool body and a warm environment. This work-oriented mood combines the direct light of an office and the cool indirect glow of a library for the highest fuctionality, while the warm indirect glow of a home fades into the periphery. FOCUS is a moderately bright mood in your functional zones, with lots of varied levels and contrast in localized areas, for daily use. 


Ready to sleep? Deep blue colors induce a bit of funk and mystery. This dim, cozy, relaxed setting aids REST with lots of golden amber and deep dark blues. More indirect lighting allows for REST-inducing ambiance. Wall sconce illumination defines the space to highlight the room for late night wandering.

Our Additional Moods


Take things up a notch with the SEXY mood. Step into your adrenalized side, by adding unexpected and wild accents o this romantic mood. A deep, romantic, cathouse red sets the tone, with unexpected passionate magenta and wild accents of powerful white fire set an atmosphere of intensity. SEXY is a very dim mood, with extreme accents and fiery contrast.


Court your partner with ROMANCE. Immerse yourselves with the mystique of love from deep, passionate reds. Look up to feel the enjoyment and excitement of candlelight golds. Create sentimental moments of adoration that you will remember, using this flattering lighting mood to court your way into each others hearts. ROMANCE is a dim mood, with varied accents and passionate contrast.


Feel the beach and LOUNGE around. A medium-bright relaxed setting with amber sunset feel allows for a chill mood or LOUNGE time. Warmer colors and medium brightness induce a peaceful vibe while the warm white allows indirect ambient lighting for socializing. Few accent lights create some highlights on gathering spaces. Change any space into a vacation getaway.


Enjoy your favorite programs and movies with minimal external distraction from the TV mood. Highly saturated reds encourage your vision to adjust to the light of the television screen, combined with neutral whites and just a hint of amber to prevent eye fatigue. TV is a dim mood, with a flat, neutral tone and very low contrast.


Dance and PARTY like no one is watching! The nightclub is in your home, with hot disco reds and deep house purples setting the tone, flashes of bright fiesta yellows, and surrounded by all-nighter blues and blowout greens. This mood will set the tone for any type of party. Designed to mold around your space, PARTY is a bright, festive mood, with lots of colors and extreme contrast. 

Our Corporate Moods


Ready to be productive! Perfect for working and overall efficiency. MEETING gives an intense daylight feel and an energy boost when you are tired and have a lot to do. With a bright, cold white setting, you'll stay energized throughout the day. Pendants are located above work surfaces along with task lights to create bright work spaces. Accent lights help keep everyone focused and prepared for the days tasks.


Create the perfect PRESENTATION space. Great for having a conversation, PRESENTATION has medium neutral white indirect lighting with pendant downlight components for task such as reading and writing. Dim peripheral lighting allows for focus on the presenter.  Walls with a TV or projection would be the brightest and receive the most attention. Dim accent lighting gives a sense of space and orientation.


This light setting features the best possible illumination for watching a screen presentation. As the screen or PROJECTION will be the brightest light source, all other lighting will be mostly dark and dimmed to not wash out the crispness of the screen. The setting offers a little bit of ambient and indirect lighting when available so that a sense of orientation in the space is provided. A few task and accent lights will be dimmed in a neutral white to allow for taking notes or other basic functionalities. The overall lighting is dominated by a strong brightness contrast provided through the screen.


A medium-bright relaxed setting with amber. This sunset feel gives a chill mood for a little break or SOCIALIZE time. Warmer colors and medium brightness create emphasis on indirect and ambient lighting. Few accent lights to create some highlights for SOCIALIZE areas. Change any corporate space into a lounge for events or gatherings.

You Can Also Customize and Create Your Own Moods


Easily edit your moods and making them your own by clicking our customize icon. Personalize our preset moods by altering individual lights to your own preference. If you don't like your changes just reset the mood to its orginal or leave your own setting saved. Between hue, saturation, and dimming options you can create the perfect lighting mood specific to you.

Like Our Approach and Experience?

Our approach on curated and precomposed lighting moods is specific to LumiFi. We use a patent-pending process and algorithm that considers color, composition, and fixtures and other factors in order to create expertly designed atmospheres that are specific to your own space. Our approach is the simplest and most user-friendly experience enabling users to easily overcome adoption and access content. Just imagine Songza for lighting.

If interested in licensing or having your lighting products integrated into the LumiFi experience please contact