The Connected Hotel Room:
Expert Lighting Moods at your Fingertips

What Is LumiFi?

LumiFi is a revolutionary new lighting control software developed by professional hospitality lighting designers. Our unique technology enables hotel guests to experience fully composed scenes with a simple tap of their smartphone.

No more looking for switches, fumbling in the middle of the night, or trying to decipher complicated room controls trying to turn lights on or off. With one touch, guests can select their preferred lighting scene before they enter the room.

Product Features

Product Outline

  • Our connected lighting technology provides a highly differentiated and personal guest experience.
  • Offers improved convenience and additional service capabilities (Loyalty or VIP program).
  • Removes complicated programming, setup and labor intensive wiring.
  • Our lighting control system is flexible and easily re-configurable to an individual’s hotel and user needs.
  • Creates an experience-based, emotional connection to the space through professionally curated, present lighting scenes.
  • Saves money on labor and infrastructure as well as ongoing energy savings.
  • At the forefront of technology for the “Connected Guest”, LumiFi offers an intuitive and fun experience.
  • The app can be customized to serve as a brand differentiator (white-labeled).
  • LumiFi’s software can be integrated into the larger App-Ecosystem via our Software Development Kit (SDK)

Download Further Information:

How Does It Work?

With the guest’s own smartphone or a room-based device used as a personalized and convenient remote, the hotel only must change to Wi-Fi enabled, energy saving LED bulbs or light switches. The hardware is linked to a Wi-Fi bridge, similar to a router, connecting the guests’s smartphone through the hotel’s Wi-Fi network to the light fixtures. The system comes at a fraction of the cost compared to a traditional wired legacy system. LumiFi is an agnostic software, allowing hotels to incorporate various existing and emerging wireless hardware manufacturers with different price, quality, and form factor choices into a holistic experience managed by our software.

How Does A Guest Experience LumiFi?

1. Connect to the Hotel's Wifi

2. Download LumiFi or the Hotel Brand App

or use a room dedicated device.

3. Scan your personal access code for your phone.

4. What Mood are you in? Enjoy your Lights!


Please send us your project information for us to provide you with more details or a quote:

  • How many rooms?
  • What type of lighting do you have?
  • Which features are you interested in?
  • Do you have an existing lighting control system?
  • Are there any other integration's we need to consider?
  • What is your time frame?

Connect to our Products:

Download LumiFi's Hospitality App onto your personal Smartphone:

The LumiFi commissioned hotel will provide you with a personalized access code to your room

Connect to our Admin Web Management Platform

You will need your project log-in info provided to you at registration or project commissioning to access the light and access profile management platform.