Explore Xicato GalaXi Bluetooth-integrated Products

Purchase the Xicato GalaXi BLE Ecosystem:

To integrate the Xicato GalaXi product range with LumiFi you will need to have a Xicato Gateway (XIG) in your network as well as a LumiFi Controller. Please purchase the Xicato Gateway from below resources and the LumiFi Controller from here.

Browse Xicato GalaXi integrated OEM-Lighting Manufacturers:

Please select your lighting fixtures that incorporate the LED-XIM Module or your drivers and include these in your project specifications together with your selected LumiFi feature package. You can also contact LumiFi with your fixture selection to provide you with further direction.

Enjoy some other LumiFi-Xicato resources:

This is the introductory video showing you the process of commissioning Xicato Hardware with LumiFi using the web-based platform and onsite mobile commissioning. LumiFi is integrated and works with Xicato Bluetooth-enabled Hardware. You can control and configure Xicato hardware with the LumiFi's software suite.