Connected Lighting Hardware

With the emergence of the Internet of Things the industry is going through a big paradigm shift with users wanting instant Smartphone access and control. The emerging IoT universe with its open IT architecture offers the opportunity for an open platform, easy integration's and many new user applications with increased market reach.

The industry is shifting from analogue and wired hardware to a wireless, digital technology. Lighting Controls are turning into a software offering adding value and a new, never before possible feature catalogue. Lighting control software is replacing the heavy hardware cabinets and hardware controllers making the possibilities endless and exciting.

To tap into these opportunities the industry needs partnerships where manufacturers stay focused on their core competency of producing the lighting equipment while lighting controls transform into a software as a service business.

 Partnership Relationships for a successful Project

Partnership Relationships for a successful Project

  >   Please contact us if you have interest in working with us  .

>   Please contact us if you have interest in working with us.

LumiFi integrates established 3rd party IoT-enabled lighting hardware manufacturers across multiple wireless protocols into one seamless experience. We glue the various manufacturers with their range of fixture types together into one cohesive experience and lighting management platform. We work with the hardware manufacturers to interface with their existing communication structure in the most optimal way.

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