LumiFi Features

Our innovative features give users the most comprehensive lighting control on the market and places it directly into your hands. Most are pre-configured for ease of use, however, we can also customize the functionalities and look for any project.

Enjoy a sneak preview of LumiFi's Web-based Lighting Management Platform with some of its key features.

LumiFi's Light Scenes

LumiFi's award-winning intuitive user interface offers simple to use pre-configured light scenes. Each of them can be customized and personalized or reset to project default settings.

Standard Light Scenes

Our award-winning intuitive interface allows selection from 12 curated lighting designs that can all be customized and saved with personal preference settings or be reset. Each lighting mood comes with thoughtfully designed light settings that incorporate art and science combined with years of lighting design experience.

Special Occasion and Custom Light Scenes

LumiFi offers 6 beautifully designed mono-colored scenes as well as 6 curated themed light scenes that are inspired by special occasions or holidays.

In addition, LumiFi offers custom branded, themed or white-labeled designs upon client request (unlimited). You simply need to provide us with the graphics of your background design.

Our Color Tuning Functionalities

We offer extensive lighting control by supporting multiple channels and the the following types of lights. Our interfaces configure themselves according to the selected lighting manufacturer and lighting type.

Color Changing

Color Changing lights dynamically enhance the atmosphere with branded or themed lighting. They are ideal for special effects, events, way finding or creating cool and memorable experiences.

Tunable White

Tunable White shows the full spectrum of natural daylight, a key element in creating human-centric lighting. It offers the range from cold white to warm amber. Research shows it affects people's well-being and circadian rhythm.



Dimming is essential for increased energy savings and flexibility as well ascontrol over brightness levels and creating a sense of hierarchy and moods in any space.

Our Key Characteristics

Multiple Hardware Integration

LumiFi integrates with various third party IoT-enabled lighting hardware manufacturers, across multiple wireless protocols that are offering an API for seamless integration into one comphrehensive user experience.

Personal Mobile Control

LumiFi transfers lighting controls to a user's personal, convenient and familiar mobile device. Our award-winning, intuitive mobile interface can be customized in appearance and tailored in functionality.

LumiFi Patent

The logic of creating LumiFi's award-winning lighting moods are patent protected. Our pre-configured light scene designs save time in programming light scenes by automating the setup process. The patent also addresses learning mechanisms.

Our Time-Based Event Functionalities

Weekly Schedule Manager

Light scenes can be scheduled in an easy to use calendar view via a simple drag and drop of light scenes on a one-time or recurring basis according to timed events such as time of the day or sunrise or sunset.

Schedule List

This interface is a list view that allows users to easily manage schedules that have a shorter duration or is a one-time event.

Sleep Timer & Wake-up Alarm

Our sleep timer changes light scenes in absolute time intervals such as 5, 15 or 30 minutes. Our wake-up alarm schedules one-time light scene changes according to the time of day or sunrise and can be limited to an expiration time e.g. at guest check-out time.

Our Project Management Features

Project Configurations

A hierarchy between project settings, configuration templates and specific room profiles allows quick project modifications without requiring edits for each individual space. This simplifies the management of hundrets or thousands of lights, particularly in properties where there are common configurations between rooms, corrdiors and more.


Permissions & Roles

We can enable and configure projects according to functionality and project type and send changes and updates over the air enabling new features.

User Access & Authorization

Our unique Profile Authentication (QR scan) and logins with different permissions for different users offer easy sharing of commissioned profiles across multiple devices and people.

Syncing of Settings

LumiFi's IT infrastructure synchs any changes between the mobile apps and the web-interface. This gives our users choices on how to interact and control their lighting, conveniently from the desktop in their office or from their Smartphone directly in the space itself.


Our controller dashboard allows us to send notification to our clients e.g. a bulb is offline or the network settings changed. (in beta)

Over The Air Updates

This feature manages Manufacturer's firmware versions with automatic over the air updates. LumiFi controller regularly receives over-the-air software updates that add new features and functionality. (in development)

Our Deployment and Commissioning Tools

LumiFi offers specific tools for installers to simplify and fast-track the deployment and commissioning process of wireless lighting systems and reduce time setting up the lights within a project.

Lighting Programming

LumiFi's patent-pending algorithm streamlines space-specific light scene configurations and automates the Light Scene setup process saving up to 85% programming time.


Manufacturer Configuration

LumiFi's web platform allows for pre-configuration of a project remotely. Upon selecting the project's lighting manufacturer the interfaces and inputs automatically configure to adopt to the manufacturer's capabilities.

Web Templates

Our web-configuration templates quickly apply similar settings such as light scenes, individual light settings and their names to multiple profiles. These templates provide a pre-configured space streamlining and minimizing commissioning time on site.

Additional Value-Add Features

White-Labeling & Branding

LumiFi apps can be branded and white-labeled with client logos and custom screen interfaces.


LumiFi's web dashboard offers monitoring and status updates of lights; hardware inventory tracking and reporting, an energy consumption dashboard and user activity reporting (in Beta).

Android SDK

Our Software Development Kit is a library for integration into another software or App ecosystem; e.g. Hotel Brand Loyality Apps.

Feature Comparison of Existing Systems