LumiFi's Corridor and Public Space Application

Hotel Properties have several options when deciding to upgrade their lighting or implement a lighting control system. Funding and bandwidth are limited, so why spend resources on corridor lighting?

Whether seeking to give guests an improved feeling of safety, design a more luxurious ambiance, or create a sense of room arrival with well-illuminated doors and room numbers, LumiFi's smart lighting technology offers greater control over lighting and automated dimming with pre-configured scenes. For Example, via Smartphones, housekeeping can easily turn lights to a bright cleaning mood and then simply return to the appropriate scheduled light scene afterwards.

 Penthouse Floor at the Quin Hotel, NYC with 3 Tunable White Lighting Scenes and one using colored lighting for special events

Penthouse Floor at the Quin Hotel, NYC with 3 Tunable White Lighting Scenes and one using colored lighting for special events

Benefits & ROI

Lighting accounts for a large portion of any property's monthly energy bill. It not only affects your bottom-line, but more importantly, lighting affects the guest experience as it defines the look and feel of your space. It creates memorable experiences.

  • A conversion from 60W incandescent to LED bulbs will save you 85% annually on ongoing energy and a conversion from 32 CFL to LED bulbs will save you 72% annually.

  • Dimming Automation in a corridor can save you up to 50% on your ongoing energy bill

  • Dimming can extend the lifespan of your LED's by a factor of 2x to 3x

  • Automation as well as matching the light inside to the light in the natural environment through Tunable White Technology is part of many Green Engagement & Sustainability programs

  • Bulb retrofit technology is about 1/4 of a price of the initial investment cost compared to other systems

Corridor Features

  • LumiFi Lightmospheres: 4-8 Pre-Configured Light Scenes
  • Customizable Light Scenes and Default Light Settings
  • Individual User Personalizations
  • Customization and Individually Controllable Lights
  • Color Changing, Tunable White and/or Dimmable Lights
  • Schedule Manager (24/7 Continuous Weekly Schedule)
  • Astrological Clock (Sunrise/Sunset)
  • Lighting Timer with Countdown
  • Roles and Permission for Hotel Manager and IT Manager


  • Custom Roles, e.g. Cleaning
  • Customization, Branding & White-Labeling
  • Custom or Special Occasion Light Moods
  • Monitoring and Analytics

Initial Investment Cost and System Comparison with ROI


Estimate of Ongoing Operating Energy Savings in a Retrofit Application



  • Lifespan saving is calculated as product of difference between total operating cost of exsisting system and new system and
    lifespan of bulb which is estimated as 6.85 years 
  • LumiFi's replacement bulb retrofit standard bulb is 9W LED