Our Approach:

We strive to improve upon traditional lighting controls by integrating emerging wireless network technology with simple and elegant interface design to bring affordable lighting to consumer and commercial applications.

•    We offer market tailored and application specific software solutions. Our targeted solutions are designed for specific applications and user needs. We offer a lighting experience; not just a general utilitarian tool.

•    We create platform-agnostic software. Our back-end infrastructure supports and incorporates various manufacturers and protocols to offer one comprehensive WiFi solution that goes beyond just hardware manufacturer's setup tool.

•   Our proprietary Lighting scene configuration tool streamlines the lighting commissioning process. This reduces commissioning and setup time immensely, thereby saving time and costs.

•   We have decades of proven market experience with award-winning projects in lighting design and expertise in project execution, lighting programming and understanding the applications. We know how to deliver commercially viable solutions and execute full-scale implementations.

•    Our simple, easy to use interface places greater control and autonomy in the hands of the client


•    We understand how to bring the emotional and intangible qualities of lighting to life. By creating “Moods” or pre-configured light-scenes, we make it easy for our clients to generate an emotional connection between the user and the space.

How does WiFi Lighting compare to a traditional legacy system:


•    Cheaper: no hard-wiring, electrician, contractor or programmer are necessary.

•    Easier: simple setup process: so easy you can do it yourself; no integrator needed!

•    Little Risk: If you don't like it, just use the energy-efficient LED bulbs manually.

Our Products:

Home Consumer:

Our native mobile App LumiFi - Lite allows consumers clients to access affordable WiFi-enabled devices that easily integrate into their daily lives at home. The App is free with upgrades for Premium content along with product referrals and provides exclusive and valuable high-end lighting solution at an affordable cost.


Hospitality Hotels:

By enabling hotels to offer guests customer-specific Smartphone controls so that they may personalize their environments during their stays, we provide opportunities for improved branding and guest loyalty. LumiFi supports the hospitality market on both refit and new builds with smart wireless LED Bulb technology solutions. 




Commercial SMB:

Lighting in most shared work spaces and conference rooms is inadequate, often overly aggressive and does not properly address different users activities. LumiFi has developed a lighting control system for commercial/small-medium business (SMB) clients addressing these concerns. LumiFi's solution enhances those specific spaces.

Contact us for more information or if you need software for a specific lighting application.


LumiFi Gateway:

We have developed a NXP JenNet-IP and soon Lightlink commercial software gateway solution. This software automatically flushes onto the gateway when connected with LumiFi software. It can also be used for manufacturers developing their own front-end application and just require quick and direct access to the gateway and lamps.

LumiFi Integrated Technologies