Tech Talk: LED Bulb Purchases Are On the Rise, Making SMART LIGHTING More Valuable Than Ever

Did you know that LED bulbs last about 5.8 years (~25.000h), which is 4 times longer than a fluorescent bulb? Although LED bulbs typically cost more, they draw only half the energy of a fluorescent. You pay just a few dollars more to have all the automation, remote control capabilities and cool functionalities right at your fingertips.

To date, two-thirds of consumers have bought LEDs for their home. In fact, Greentech Media recently reported that the number of Americans buying LED lighting has nearly doubled in the last two years. 

Now, not only can users with Wi-Fi enabled LED bulbs enjoy money and energy savings, but they can also use your smartphone to control the LED lights and create meaningful light scenes based on their mood (just like Sonos does with music or Nest does with temperature) with the convenient tap of a button. The LumiFi app applies the right color and brightness values to each lighting fixture in the room so that users can enjoy a lighting environment that looks like it was professionally designed and configured.

Have you already switched to LED or are you still hesitating?

Are you getting the full potential out of your LED light bulbs?  If not, contact us so that we can share more about what the LumiFi app can do to change how you control and use your LED bulbs in your home, workplace or hotel.