Smart Lighting: Why does it matter for you? Understand the potential

We live in the era of the Internet of Things, in which Smart Lighting provides you with the right amount of light precisely where it is needed and when it is needed. Following up last week's post here a few more fun expert facts:


Smart lighting isn’t merely about adjusting the amount of white light in a room with an on/off switch, it is about changing the way we experience and interact with the light around us. It considers the ways in which certain light and color can trigger physiological, emotional and even biological responses, and uses that information to provide the most innovative lighting experience.


Most common emotional and physical states can be grossly enhanced with the correct lighting assignment; something only smart lighting can assess and provide.
For example, when you come home at 7pm full of energy from the gym you most likely want your lights turned bright versus a Saturday night after a few drinks with your date, where you need your lights to just dimly illuminate the way to your bed.
Imagine you want to relax or watch TV. Instead of playing with your 5-6 different light switches around in your room to figure out how to create the right ambiance, with smart lighting, you can just hit one button and the mood is simply set.


LumiFi’s patent-pending lighting software assigns different lighting attributes to each light fixture to create a cohesive and meaningful lighting experience. This not only saves users countless hours of time-consuming trial and error in programming and configuring, but also brings lighting know-how directly into their hands.