We live in the era of the Internet of Things, which has made controlling, customizing and transforming your personal environments a simple reality. Here at LumiFi we are experts on smart lighting and wanted to share how it makes your life easier and more fun:

What Is Smart Lighting?

Have you ever wondered what lighting can do for you beyond just basic, functional illumination? Smart lighting is about giving you the right lighting when you need it as it adapts automatically to your needs, activities and moods.

Imagine: You never need to touch a light switch again. You’re walking into your home and your lights immediately turn on, automatically adjusting to your preferred lighting mood.

Smart lighting isn’t merely about adjusting the amount of white light in a room with an on/off switch, it is about changing the way we experience and interact with the light around us. It considers the ways in which certain light and color can trigger physiological and emotional responses, and uses that information to provide the most innovative lighting experience.

How Does Smart Lighting work?

It’s simple; as with so many "things" today manufacturers now incorporate wireless capabilities inside a light bulb and fixture. Dimming, color changing and scheduling lights at certain times is now easily controlled directly through your Smartphone. How much more personal can a remote get?

Smart lighting offers the capabilities of a traditional, expert wired lighting system at the fraction of the cost. It's so simple that you can do it yourself. Imagine lighting controls without the need of excess wiring, the cost of third party installers, contractors or electricians!

How can LumiFi help you?

LumiFi’s software is compatible with the wireless LED technology of multiple manufacturers; it will create a perfect lighting environment for your mood and makes the setup quick and simple by incorporating our award-winning lighting design knowledge.

Smart lighting is the future, but before you can invest in the future you need to understand how it will affect your present. Send us an email if you’d like more information about smart lighting and the IoT.